Welcome to Conductor! — First Steps

Welcome to your Conductor! Learn about what's included in the box and how to get started customizing Conductor.

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We’re so excited to joined the countless pros that use Conductor in their workflow. Now that you received Conductor and hopefully unboxed it, let’s run through what should be included in the box.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • An aluminum flight case with locking latches
  • A custom microfiber cloth
  • A high speed USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter
  • 12 PrevailKeyCo Epsilon Switches (preassembled)
  • 12 Relegendable keycaps (preassembled)

Be careful not to lose the keys to your aluminum flight case. They cannot be replaced if lost.

The included USB adapter is capable of USB 3.0 transfer speeds and can be used with any USB device.

First Steps

Upon receiving Conductor, please carefully inspect the unit for any damage during transit. While we tried our hardest to prevent any damage, you may never know! If you notice any damage to the unit itself, please contact us through our Discord and we’ll sort it out!

Note that the external aluminum flight case and other inclusions that are not essential to the unit (adapter, switches, keycaps, cloth, etc…) are not covered for any minor damage and replacements will only be given if significant damages makes them inoperable.

Connecting your Conductor

Conductor connects to your computer through a standard USB-C port. Any USB-C data cable that can be used for keyboards can be used on your Conductor.

Locate the USB-C port labeled “COMP” (for computer) on the left-hand side of your Conductor and firmly connect your USB-C cable. Conductor should be immediately connected to your computer, but may not yet actually do anything yet! Remember that every function on your Conductor is fully programable so if it does visibly do anything, it may simply not have been programmed!

Test the PCB

While each Conductor leaves the factory with a fully tested PCB, it is important to test out the PCB before using your Conductor, in case anything was missed. Follow the instructions here to ensure each keypress and encoder on the PCB works properly.

Any modifications done to the PCB including swapping switches should only be done after the PCB has been tested. No replacement PCBs will be provided after modification to the unit.

Take off!

Once you’ve tested your PCB, you’re ready to conduct your workflow in new ways! Check out our existing integrations to see if your app already has a guide or learn more about how to use Conductor in-depth.

Remap your Conductor!

Learn how to remap your Conductor using the powerful VIA software

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