How to use VIA to program your Conductor

A guide for how to use VIA to program all the functions on your Conductor

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VIA is an extraordinarily powerful piece of software that allows you to customize any feature on your Conductor. It is also used to remap any other QMK-compatible keyboard.

Accessing VIA

VIA can be accessed through on the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome 89+
  • Microsoft Edge 89+
  • Opera 76+
  • Any other “Chromium”-based desktop browser

Other browsers such as Safari, Firefox, or mobile browsers are not yet supported. You can follow the currently supported browsers at CanIUse

Starting VIA

You will enter VIA at a blank interface. To allow VIA to direct access to your Conductor, you must click “Authorize Device” on the bottom of the screen and select “Conductor” from the popup.

VIA splash screen

If Conductor does not appear in the popup list, ensure that it is properly connected to your computer and you are using a supported browser.

VIA Basics

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Board Section

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Keycodes Section

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Save and Load VIA Profiles

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Getting Started